Keep Your Money – Take a Staycation

Save money this year by taking a Staycation instead of a Vacation. You’ll find that there is plenty to do and you can have just as much fun for a fraction of the cost.

Many people enjoy going on holiday but find all the travelling involved very stressful,Guest Posting and this can mean that they return from their trip even more exhausted than when they left. Travelling long distances on holiday can also be expensive, as a great part of your budget will be taken up with organizing flights, hotel transfers and rental cars, and this can mean that you do not have very much money to spend once you have arrived.

If you are one of those people that find long distance holidays stressful and challenging for your budget then you may be interested in trying a new kind of vacation, which is growing in popularity in these troubled economic times, known as a ‘staycation’. This is a unique kind of holiday that sees you stay at home for your break, and the idea is that you use your home as a base from which to explore your local area and take part in all the activities you would have done had you gone away, such as going out for meals in the evening, trying new activities, visiting museums and attractions and also shopping.

The main benefits of staycations are that you do not have to worry about travelling to your holiday destination and spending hours catching flights and waiting for transfers, and also because you are staying in your own home you will not have to pay out for hotel rooms, airplane tickets and rental cars, so you will have more money to spend on enjoying yourself and taking part in new activities. You will also get more time to relax, as you can start your holiday from the moment you arrive home from work and there will be no rushing around trying to pack your bags or days wasted in travelling, and so staycations will benefit those people who have a lot of commitments (either work or family) who normally find it hard to dedicate enough time to get away for a proper break.

Planning Your Staycation

The most important thing to remember is to book your staycation as you would any other holiday, and make sure neighbors, friends and family understand you are taking a break. You may want to switch on your answer phone and mute your telephone so everyday concerns to not interfere with your relaxation time (just as if you were away from home), and make sure you take care of any niggling tasks before you go on your staycation, so you can really relax and have some time to yourself. If you do find it difficult to be at home without getting involved in everyday jobs then it may be a good idea to book yourself into a local hotel for your staycation, and this will give you a break from cooking and housework and provide you will easy access to a number of amenities including spa treatments, swimming pools, fitness centers and room service. Booking a hotel in your local area is a great way to get away from it all without having to travel too far, and will also mean you can explore the surrounding area from a different perspective.

Before you go on your staycation plan a list of activities to help you get away from your daily routine, and look through local newspapers and events guides to see what is on in your area. You may be surprised out how many excellent amenities and attractions are close by that you never thought about using before, and you can have some fun trying out different things and may find a new hobby that you can still enjoy even when your staycation is ove

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